• Cambridge Packing Company has positioned itself and has become very well-known for its quality orientation, including not only the quality of its products, but also the quality of service we provide the foodservice operator or chef.
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Cambridge Packing - 'The Chefs Source'

Founded over 80 years ago, Cambridge Packing Company today dominates "center of the plate" foodservice processing and distribution to full service restaurant operators throughout New England.

Cambridge Packing Company is strategically located in Boston, Massachusetts, where within a 200 mile radius, there are 12 million foodservice customers, (excluding the New York metro area). more

Quality: Cambridge Packing Co., Inc. brings the best portion controlled beef, pork, lamb, veal and poultry to restaurants, schools and the healthcare industry

Our company goal is to assure that our customers receive quality wholesome food products... more

Premium Natural Programs

Whether it's meat or poultry, if you prefer it natural we have it; all in stock and ready to deliver. more

Certified Premium Beef Programs

Cambridge Packing offers its' customers top-choice premium beef programs to choose from. All are modest and higher marbling score, in inventory and ready to take whole or cut to order. more

USDA Prime Programs

We have two branded USDA prime programs to choose from. Each program provides the best of the best. The animals are hand selected and comply with exacting marbling, texture, maturity and safety standards. more


Led by a seafood manager that has over 20 years experience in the seafood industry our team is passionate about seafood and delivers top quality seafood daily. more

Ethics View our ethical policies on Competition, Bribery, Political donations, Confidentiality and accuracy information, Conflict of interest and Business GIfts and Hospitality... more

View Live Cutting & Facility

Click below to view real-time images of our excellent employees at work. more

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